200g Scented Candle (Various Fragrances)

Image of 200g Scented Candle (Various Fragrances) Image of 200g Scented Candle (Various Fragrances) Image of 200g Scented Candle (Various Fragrances) Image of 200g Scented Candle (Various Fragrances)

Hand poured rapeseed blend candle, with a natural cotton wick and engraved bamboo lid.

200g net weight - up to 40 hours burn time.

Care instructions (provided with each order)

- Keep out of reach of children and pets
- Trim wick to 5mm after each burn and keep wax pool clear of debris
- Never leave candle unattended
- Do not use candle lid to extinguish flame
- Burn candle for a minimum of 3 hours at first use and no more than 4 hours.
(This will ensure a clean and even burn every time, prolonging the life of your candle)

Top notes: bergamot, melon + pineapple
Middle notes: eucalyptus, gardenia + thyme
Base notes: amber, moss + cedarwood

Top notes: rhubarb, pineapple + peppermint
Middle notes: elderflower + tea rose
Base notes: musk + precious woods

Top notes: sweet plum, cassis + orange
Middle notes: black cherry, cinnamon + nutmeg
Base notes: tonka, patchouli + vanilla

Top notes: rum, bergamot + grapefruit
Middle notes: clove + patchouli
Base notes: tobacco, moss, leather + amber

Top notes: sparkling citrus
Middle notes: Lavender
Base notes: tonka, vanilla + amber

Top notes: tobacco, honey + spice
Middle notes: sandalwood
Base notes: tonka, patchouli + amber

Top notes: seaweed + ozone
Middle notes: cyclamen + water lily
Base notes: driftwood, amber + musk

Top notes: lemon, orange + bergamot
Middle notes: herbs, neroli, mint + ozone
Base notes: musk, amber + moss

Top notes: mango, lychee, orange, raspberry + apple
Middle notes: rose, peony + jasmine
Base notes: sugar + woods

Top notes: orange, berry + lemon
Middle notes: orange, rhubarb violet, eucalyptus
Base notes: vanilla + amber

Top Notes: Sea Salt, Grapefruit + Orange
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Laurel Leaves + Bay Leaves
Base Notes: Ambergris, Guaiacwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss + Labdanum

Top notes: anise Middle notes: gingerbread, cinnamon + clove
Base notes: maple syrup, vanilla + caramel

Orange Spice
Top notes: orange + eucalyptus
Middle notes: cinnamon, clove + nutmeg
Base notes: precious woods + vanilla