Duo Candle + Melt Gift Box (Various Fragrances)

  • Duo Candle + Melt Gift Box (Various Fragrances)
  • Duo Candle + Melt Gift Box (Various Fragrances)
  • Duo Candle + Melt Gift Box (Various Fragrances)
  • Duo Candle + Melt Gift Box (Various Fragrances)

Handmade rapeseed blend candle + melt gift box, including one scented 200g candle (various fragrances) and a matching wax melt slab. Presented in a sliding gift box and hand tied with jute string and a seeded paper tag. Simply remove the instruction sticker from the gift tag, place inside composted pot, water and watch your little wildflower seedlings grow.

Top notes: anise
Middle notes: gingerbread, cinnamon + clove
Base notes: maple syrup, vanilla + caramel

Top notes: sweet plum, cassis + orange
Middle notes: black cherry, cinnamon + nutmeg
Base notes: tonka, patchouli + vanilla

Top notes: sparkling citrus
Middle notes: lavender
Base notes: tonka, vanilla + amber

Top notes: rum, bergamot + grapefruit
Middle notes: clove + patchouli
Base notes: tobacco, moss, leather + amber

Top notes: tobacco, honey + spice
Middle notes: sandalwood
Base notes: tonka, patchouli + amber

Top notes: bergamot, melon + pineapple
Middle notes: eucalyptus, gardenia + thyme
Base notes: amber, moss + cedarwood

Top notes: orange, berry + lemon
Middle notes: orange, rhubarb violet, eucalyptus
Base notes: vanilla + amber

Top notes: rhubarb, pineapple + peppermint
Middle notes: elderflower + tea rose
Base notes: musk + precious woods

Care instructions (provided with each order)

- Keep out of reach of children and pets
- Trim wick to 5mm after each burn and keep wax pool clear of debris
- Never leave candle unattended
- Do not use candle lid to extinguish flame
- Burn candle for a minimum of 3 hours at first use and no more than 4 hours.
(This will ensure a clean and even burn every time, prolonging the life of your candle)

Each individual melt provides 4-6 hours of fragrance.

Simply place 1 cube into a melt approved burner and use one unscented, four hour tea light. The melt should only take a couple of moments to fill the room with opulent aroma.