Amur Wax Melt Burner

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Image of Amur Wax Melt Burner Image of Amur Wax Melt Burner

Beautiful handblown and hand painted, leopard print glass burner.

Due to each burner being handmade, shades of amber may vary slightly.

Simply position your chosen wax melt in the well, taking extra care not to overfill, which could result in spillages. Place one unscented FOUR HOUR tea light inside the chamber. Only reposition the burner when your candle is extinguished and wax cooled/hardened.

To remove your wax, once used, simply place one FOUR HOUR tea light inside the chamber and wait a few moments until the wax begins to melt. Extinguish the tea light and gently pop the wax out of the well. Wipe with tissue (followed by a damp cloth to clean) and choose your next fragrance.

Keep out of reach of pets and children
Keep away from flammables
Do not reposition your burner while in use, to avoid spillages
Do not place in direct drafts
Never leave unattended

100mm L x 100mm W x 120mm H