Electric Ceramic Wax Burner

Image of Electric Ceramic Wax Burner Image of Electric Ceramic Wax Burner

Ceramic white, patterned, electric wax burner. Emitting beautiful and bright patterns when illuminated. A fabulous alternative to candle lit burners.

H15cm x W10cm x D10cm


Place burner on a level and heat resistant surface. Do not use burner if chipped or cracked.

Place your chosen wax melt in the burners dish, at the top. Plug in the burner and use the on-off switch to illuminate and begin heating. Please note your burner could take 10-15 minutes to heat up, allowing the fragrance to be released.

Do not move or touch the burner when in use. Switch off burner when not in use and remove the plug from the mains.

Allow the burner to completely cool before touching or removing the hardened wax after melting. If your wax does not easily slide out of the well, after cooling and hardening, switch the burner on for a few seconds to loosen the wax. Immediately switch back off.

To clean the wax well, simply take the removal dish from the top, and clean with warm soapy water. Do not submerge or allow the electric burner to come into contact with water.

Do not touch the internal bulb at any point due to risk of burns.


Electrical safety tested
On-off switch on cable
European conformity
220-240 voltage
Supplied with a 25w bulb. Can be used with bulbs up to 40w.